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To bring an easy to use, searchable platform for appraisal professionals and experienced individuals to talk about and advertise their value knowledge and product expertise to those needing assistance with an item's worth, history, facts and tips.


Some Things Are A Value Mystery. Some More Than Others.

Several years back, my brother and I decided to sell some items we had inherited from our Grandfather. It didn't take long to find out it wasn't going to be a piece of cake to figure out the value of most of what he had.

We held on to things that were a part of his memory. But we couldn't keep it all & thought we would run some classified ads to start & sell a few things.

We began by doing some online research to get value ideas. We were able to find a few things on eBay® but other items were coming up dry or they were just not the things that other people listed anywhere.

Part of my grandfathers personality was he firmly lived by the saying "do with or do without". I have the framed Yankee proverb he had hanging on his wall to prove it.

Many people who stopped by his home agreed that it was like stepping back in time.

And there's the story of the antique roll top desk that belonged to our great-grandmother - here goes;

The desk was in great condition & was made beautifully, but apparently there wasn't a place for it anymore in our house. So mom sold it one hot summer day about five years ago at our neighborhood garage sale.

To this day, it still really bothers her that she didn't double check what the value really was before even considering selling it.

The first person who looked at it was very nice and offered a price faster than you could say "S-O-L-D".

You most likely figured out how this story ended. The desk disappeared from our driveway faster than you could say "G-O-N-E". That's what the summer heat ( the temperature by that time was probably right around 95 in the shade) and fast cash can do to your good judgement.

It was something she always regretted. We never found out what the desk was worth. But the buyers quick action should have told her it was more than what she let it go for.

I will not tell you what the selling price was. It's too painful.  

Should It Go To Auction or Should It Go Back In The Closet?

You Never Know What Others Can Tell You. is a community where each registered member can list products or services to get help with values, price suggestions, selling tips and feedback and help other members as well.

Whether you are planning to sell items today, in the future or just want to find out what others know about it, it's totally free to see if our community can help you.


Join in and make someone's day.

Help someone else make the most of what they have. Values are not required. You may have a tidbit of knowledge or a helpful tip. Or suggest a value range if you don't know the exact value or price. Your know-how can make the difference for someone.

If you are a professional, you are welcome to link your member name to your business at no charge.

What's "The ValueJockey Price"?

When a someone suggests a price to help value an item on ValueJockey, they also indicate how certain they are of their price suggestion. Our unique formula averages all values submitted collectively to help members zero in on a selling price or to obtain a better idea of the worth of an item. This is the "ValueJockey Price" that will be displayed. It will adjust as more values are added or changed. Value suggestions can be submitted by anyone who would like to share what they know about an item. Prices should not be considered a certified or expert appraisal.


Ask Questions & Interact With Other Members.

Post up to four pictures on ValueJockey and include as much detail as you can. Ask questions to find out what other members know. Add important keywords in both title and description so you can be easily found in our search. While some spelling errors do not effect being found, take advantage of our spell check feature for better search results.

Professionals Can Advertise Their Company or Organization Along With Their Answers. Send Our Members To Your Business Website & More.

If you are a professional appraiser, collector, antique shop owner or other experienced individual you can embed a direct link to your business website, blog, etc. within your member name.

Also when giving values, feedback or both, mark your level of certainty in each response which helps the posting member know a bit about your expertise. Everyone has a special interest or specialty and your experience may be a great help to folks just like you. It's a great way to meet others with the same interests.

Send Buyers To Your Online Ads. It's Free!

Copy and Paste a Link Directly To Your Classified Ads or Auctions.

Attach a link with each listing you post on ValueJockey. Links are active for seven days & you can refresh them at any time by logging into your account. We'll also remind you when the links expire so you can keep them up to date.

Antiques, collectibles, furniture, vehicles, electronics, real estate, services and just about everything can be posted on


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