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What Is The Value Of A Albany Foundry Door Stop? Bookmark and Share    [Item Number: 136357] [Report Abuse] Submitted: Mar 04, 2010 8:36 AM

Albany Foundry Door Stop

Location: Hampton, New Hampshire, 03842
Posted By: edyoung2646

Item Description

Cast Iron heavy piece. Wife's grandmother remembers it in house as a child. Original colors and patina. This is not for sale yet but will be with a little pricing help.

Additional Details

It is a design manufactured by Albany Foundry. I will verify the design number and add that shortly. Thank you....
Added on: Mar 05, 2010 5:30 AM

It is called Tulip Basket and is design #148 and manufactured by Albany Foundry. They were in business from 1897-1932 +/-... The piece is 8.5" high by 7 1/16" wide. It weighs 5.12 lbs. The design is one of their popular designs. It has no names or maker marks however.
Added on: Mar 05, 2010 7:40 AM

Many thanks zipp86. Wow! I really appreciate your effort.
Added on: Mar 05, 2010 2:09 PM

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