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Frequently Asked Questions

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You Never Know How Much Those Items May Really Be Worth Sitting In Your Basement, Attic or Garage.


Get a Value. Add a posting with photos and a description of your item. Any number of members may be able to help you with information so you can learn something new.


Give a Value. And help others learn something new about their items. Any combination of helpful information can be a great help to someone - a value range or a tidbit of history.


Advertise Your Professional Status. Professionals can receive a complimentary link directly to their business website, blog and more while answering posts. (Please note: Advertising on postings is not allowed. Please refer to our terms.)



How Do I Get Started?

First - sign up for a free membership. Your membership gives you the opportunity to post pictures of things you need help with. And add a good description as photos don't always reveal the details. Ask questions and start a discussion.

Your membership also provides a way for you to help other members with their items by adding your comments, value suggestions, tips and more. Values are not mandatory.

You do not reveal any personal information when either posting your own items or when helping other members unless you choose to do so.

Our members are made up of everyday people, professional appraisers, collectors, business owners and hobbyists.

Find others with the same interests, hobbies or business connections.


For Sale Selling your item? Get "The Tag"! Add a direct link to an active classified or auction site where you may be running ads if you are looking to sell your item. The blue tag will display with your ad to make it easy to see it is for sale!


Professionals can link their member name to a business website, blog, social network page, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn & more.


Am I required to register?

Everyone has the ability to view items and feedback, but only registered members can post listings of their own or give suggestions of value, comments and information to help other members.


Is it easy to list an item?

Very easy. List your item with a descriptive title & details, upload up to four photos, ask questions and more. Remember the more information you provide along with pictures help to give others a better idea of what you have. Don't forget a descriptive title so the search engines can find your post.

You can add information or change it when needed, add pictures or if you would like to add your comment to another members feedback the they submitted to your post. All replies, comments and value suggestions are stamped with the time and date and will display with your post online.

Is there a charge to sign up and use

No - ValueJockey costs nothing to use.


How do I use your search function?

Whether you are trying to decide on a category for your own item or to help another member, find a sub- category by starting with the main categories listed on the left of every page. Or search by keyword using the drop down box at the top right of every page.

An advance search is also available to search by zip code, within a mileage radius or by price.

Visit the "How To" page for additional helpful information on posting products and using our category search.

How many categories can I list my product under?

Please choose only one category per item.


How many pictures can I upload for my item?

You can upload up to four photos for each individual post. If you are posting a service, choose a photo representing your business, but always make certain that you are not breaking any copyright laws. You can edit your photos at any time and add photos with a maximum of four per listing.


What if I have a problem uploading my photos?

Photos are available to view when initially posting your item. You are able to remove, edit and manage your photos whenever you need to by logging into your account, choosing the item to edit in your product lineup and selecting "Manage Photos". There is also a link to a resizing service for your photos available at no charge. This website is not affiliated with ValueJockey, but is added for your convenience.

If you need help placing an ad, working with your photos or have any questions, please contact our support department. For the quickest response contact us at


I am having a problem staying logged in while adding products and giving feedback to other listings.

Individual computers have their own set time for logins. To stay logged in for up to two weeks on, check the box under your password that sets the "Remember Me" feature. You should remain logged in for as long as you need to be, up to the two week period. Or, to log out yourself at any time, click on the "log out" link at the top right corner of any page when you're ready.


Who are the Ad Partner Companies that display in my account?

For your convenience, you'll find a listing of great classified ad and auction companies featured on our Ad Partner page. You will also find one or more of these companies displayed in your account when logged in. They are displayed should need a place to sell your items. We are not affiliated with these companies, but list them as a service to our members.


How long will others see my listing?

Listings never expire on ValueJockey and display as a research tool for others to help determine the value of their items. You will continue to receive an email notice for any activity on your listing. But, you can login to your account at any time to edit your contact preferences if you wish to stop receiving notices of activity on your listing.


Can I delete my listing?

Postings cannot be deleted after final submission and will be removed only by ValueJockey when in violation of our policies. The original listing cannot be edited, but you can add additional details plus add or delete your photos whenever you'd like. Just log into your account and choose the item you wish to work with. If you choose to stop receiving email messages connected with your ad, you can change those preferences in your account at any time.


What if I don't receive any feedback or value suggestions?

Your listing stays on indefinitely. An email notice will be sent to you every time a feedback is posted. In some cases, it takes a time for the right member to discover your listing, look for the right sources to research your item, etc., to suggest values and offer feedback. Depending upon the item you're listing, some take a while to make sure the answers given are as accurate as possible. Keep your email feedback capability active so you can receive notice of responses as soon as they are posted.

And depending upon the item, especially antiques and items from popular manufacturers, photos do not always tell the whole story. You can expect that sometimes other members will respond with specific questions about your item so that they can offer a better response. There are always items that are impossible to tell from a photo, but you may still benefit from feedback on some aspect of the item.

Remember also to take advantage of adding a link to classified ads or auctions you may be running at any time for extra exposure.


How many replies can I make to another members listing? What if I only have limited experience with an item or consider it only a hobby?

Post value suggestions to as many items as you would like. No matter what your level of expertise, help members with what you can. There is a easy scale for you to indicate your level of certainty about the price value. You can edit or add additional feedback to the same listing at any time.


How do I report inappropriate or fraudulent listings?

Use the online "Report Abuse" link available with all postings that will send a flagged item message to report inappropriate, offensive or suspicious listings to our management for an investigation. Please use care when flagging items, as we take all abuse reports seriously. Please refer to our Terms of Use Policy for a listing of prohibited and restricted items.


How are flagged items handled?

The staff at ValueJockey may permanently remove members and block use of the site when we determine that they have violated our terms or utilized our site for reasons prohibited according to our Terms of Use Agreement. We will remove listings, feedback and delete memberships at any time when we determine it is in the best interest and safety of our members and visitors.


Can I list items under a business name?

You can register any user name you choose as long as you do not violate our Terms of Use Agreement. Businesses may not post a listing for their business, but are welcome to help other members while mentioning their company or organization.


Can I use a posting agent?

ValueJockey does not allow the use of posting agents.



Are you allowed to sell items on ValueJockey? When posting something, does that mean I'm putting it up for sale?

ValueJockey members do not directly buy and sell on our site. We leave that to the expert classified and auction sites available online and through traditional newspapers, etc.

But when posting an item, you can add a link to an existing online ad. All that's needed is to copy and paste the URL of the classified or auction page where you are currently listing the item. Our litttle blue tag will display with your item so others can see that it's listed for sale and be able to go directly to your ad. You will receive a notice when in seven days to refresh the link.

Or simply receive feedback and value suggestions on ValueJockey to help you can prepare to sell it when you're ready.

Need help finding a classified ad or auction service to sell your items? Visit our Ad Partner page.


Tried selling before with no success? Place your item on ValueJockey, see if someone can suggest a value, tell you more about it or offer selling tips. Then return to list again on your favorite auction or classified ad venue.


How do I suggest new features or let you know what would make the site better? What if I want to report an error on the site?

Please feel free to email us with things that you would like to see on the site. We love feedback!

And please let us know if you have experienced a problem while on our site or wish to report an error. ValueJockey was built to be a helpful forum for our members and your feedback is very important.

To reach us, the quickest method is to fill out & forward the form located on the Contact Us page.  

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