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Before you sell it, auction it or just to learn more about it - find out what others know about what you may really have.


How Does ValueJockey Work?

- Membership is free. Post as many items you may need help with or answer other posts to help others. Your identity remains private. Anyone who can offer helpful, useful information may respond to a post. Professionals - See below for information on linking your member name.

- Listings never expire to retain a value archive.

- Post items to see if other members can help you with a value, tips & questions. Remember to add a good title and your best description.

- An experience scale is included to indicate the certainty of your value suggestions, tips and information, with 1 being slightly certain and 5 being very certain. Values are not mandatory. Add whatever form of helpful information you can.

- Each post can include up to four photos. Edit them at any time.

- Receive email notifications when a response has been given to your item.

- You can add or edit the details about your item, whether you are responding to a reply or need to update information. An email will be forwarded to all who have responded to your posting to date so they can read your updated information online.

- Item for sale? Copy and paste the link from your active ads anywhere else online. Links remain active for 7 days and we'll remind you to refresh the link. See below on how to add a link to ads for sale.

- Advertise your professional appraisal, collectible or other business related to a category here on ValueJockey to your website, blog, etc. at no cost. Your member name can become a business link each time you provide helpful, relevent information.


But please remember...

- We do not take the place of appraisal professionals. We do offer a venue for appraisal professionals and those with product knowledge and experience to locate those searching for help with an item they would like to learn more about.

- Our site was designed to provide people with useful information. Please be helpful, polite and do your best to give replies that include either a value suggestion, information. history , tips or a combination.

- Items are not to be posted for sale on ValueJockey, but postings may display a link to current outside classified ads & auctions anywhere online.

- Do not use a posting to advertise your business or products unless you are asking questions specific to value or worth. Business Services may be listed under the Services Category.

- Do not link your member name to a site or blog that is neither yours or to one that is unrelated to the subject you are answering.


Link to Your Business.

Give Answers. Get a Free Link To Your Business. You are welcome to send our members to your professional website, blog or social network page to help them with their questions or to help them learn more about a particular category on

Login to your account to copy and paste the website URL of your business website, blog, social network account, etc.

It will automatically create a link embedded in your member name.

You may remove it or change it at any time.

(All links are monitored for relevance and our Terms of Use Policy applies.)


Item For Sale? Get The Tag!

For Sale Bring more traffic to your ads for sale. Link right to it.

If you're currently running an ad on a classified ad or auction service such as eBay®, craigslist® or anywhere online, add a For Sale Tag by copying and pasting the URL from your active for sale ad/

How to Add Your Link: Sign in to your account and go to "View My Products". Choose the item you are running an ad for elsewhere. Click "Add Details" and paste the ad URL into the box marked "Product URL" and click on the yellow "Submit" button.

This will add a blue tag to your listing and a link to your active ad.

We'll help you keep the link up to date by sending you a reminder by email to refresh it every seven days. You can also change it at any time if your ad changes.

Ready to Start? Welcome to!


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